Jeffrey has passed away. June 8th, 2011 R.I.P.

Posted: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 5:38:48 PDT

It's never good news when a web developer has to leave a message on a website.  Today it's the worst news of them all.

Jeff passed away last night while enjoying a meal with friends.

Memorial Services and Celebration of Jeff's Life -

Visitation: Friday, June 10th 5:00p.m. to 7:00p.m.

Services: Saturday, June 11th at 10:00a.m.

Visitation and Services will be at

Laughlin Service Funeral Home
2320 Bob Wallace Avenue
Huntsville, AL 256-534-2471

If you would like to leave a message here remembering Jeff please send them to I'll start posting those messages tomorrow. Today the site will be silent.

We will miss you Jeff.

TCOP Media Room-CNN's Brooke Baldwin

Posted: Tue, 7 Jun 2011 14:42:25 PDT

Brooke Baldwin's Podcast Appearance...Is Now!


Although I've been out of the mainstream media race for two years now, I still love to live vicariously through people I respect in the news business (Diane Sawyer, Brian Williams, Anderson Cooper and others).

But there's one major standout amongst the new kids on the block: CNN's Brooke Baldwin. Modestly referring to herself as a mere “juggler” of current events during her daily two hour 3 pm EST news block, the combination of Rapid Fire storytelling and patience given to important matters of the day has made this time period one of the network's most popular.

Just days ago, Brooke was in the land of TCOP (Huntsville, AL), graciously giving of her time to talk Space Camp, her love of music, how a typical CNN work day goes, and gamely answer a question about one of her co-workers who might be twirling her round the dance floor at year's end.




CNN Brooke Baldwin Bio

US Space And Rocket Center

Space Camp

Huntsville Times' Brooke Baldwin Story

Brooke's CNN Newsroom Blog

Brooke Baldwin @ Twitter

Brooke's Music Monday Profile: Colin Hay

Brooke's Music Monday Profile: The Decemberists


*Very Special Thanks to Tim Hall, Al Whittaker, CNN's Eugene Sanders and Christal Jones, and Brooke herself for making this interview happen.




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TCOP's Bachelorette Brunch Podcast

Posted: Sun, 5 Jun 2011 21:53:46 PDT

Episode 2: So You Think You Can Dance?


Jeffrey Rosado and co-host Dana Weiss ( are still getting to know the remaining gents at Bachelorette Central like you all at home...but still, a few early favorites are emerging: J.P., Mickey, William (but don't be so cheeky as far as the latter, boy)...

..and then there's Jeff (aka The Mask, and we're not talking about the hit movie Jim Carey kind) and Bentley (hissssssss). Grab yourself a cup of coffee, tea, or your favorite beverage (but don't go all Tim on us, okay?), and spend a little over 25 minutes with us to gear up for Monday's no doubt emotionally explosive third episode...

Also: Thanks to Ashley Spivey and Marissa May for their e-mail comments for this week's show...and (drum roll, Ringo), later this week, our first Bachelor/Bachelorette Alum Of The Week interview with Britt Billmaier.



Marissa May's Blog

Ashley Spivey's Blog




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Concert Review-Melora Hardin

Posted: Sun, 5 Jun 2011 16:13:29 PDT

Saturday In The 'Mack With Melora..

They say that hurricane season is upon us. After some of the most horrific weather this country's seen in recent decades, not a time of year we're anxious to inaugurate.

But a different type of Perfect Storm invaded Huntsville's Merrimack Hall last eve. Or, more like a (musical) force of nature. Call her Hurricane in actress/singer-songwriter Melora Hardin. True, most of the near capacity audience no doubt knew her as Jan from NBC's pseudo-documentary sitcom The Office. But by the time the house lights came on at night's end, many attendees were comparing her to the likes of some of the greatest female vocalists of all time: Barbara Streisand, Judy Garland and Doris Day.

Such is the magic of an artist who not only grew up loving the aforementioned music legends, but also doing their legacies proud while not out and out copying them. End result? One of the most entertaining, most enjoyable musical nights of its kind I've had in a long, long time.

Entrancingly playful from the get go with a Gypsy Rose Lee-esque peek-a-boo glimpse of her hands from stage left, segueing into a confident take charge strut to center stage, belting out a sexy take on the Broadway chestnut All That Jazz as her opener, the 43 year old Hardin (who looks well over a decade younger, to be honest), delivered an eclectic, but extremely well thought out set of songs. Covering the worlds of show tunes, jazz, pop and novelty, she also took time between songs to tell personal stories of how these songs affected her either personally or professionally with an end result of concert goers not only getting an excellent show, but also leaving with the feeling of making a new friend.

I think they call that connecting with your audience? Young wanna-be performers? Do take note; we could use more such entertainers on increasingly impersonal concert stages.

Among the many high points: You, a beguilingly touching love song written especially for Hardin by renowned singer-songwriter Paula Cole (I Don't Wanna Wait; Where Have All The Cowboys Gone), rousing covers of Doris Day classics Everybody Loves A Lover and 10 Cents A Dance (the latter of which Hardin really made her own), a faithful cover of The Carpenters classic Close to You (which really put a lump in the throat of this reviewer who grew up a mere two miles away from Merrimack who wore out his vinyl copy of Karen and Richard's The Singles 1969-1973 on his K-Mart stereo), the heart achingly lovely Hardin penned Fading Away which sounded even better in a live setting with excellent harmony from bandleader/pianist Ben Toth) and Begin The Beguine (a number with special significance for the singer-actress who performed it in the Disney action adventure cult classic The Rocketeer).

But the two (actually, three) most memorable musical moments came near the end of the first and second acts, respectively: A grand recreation of Hardin's audition for Roxie in Chicago from nervous anticipation over which role she should go for (she was also up for Velma, the rival for Billy's affection) to her final casting in the role she was born to play (duh), Roxie. Yet, that magic moment kind of paled to a double dynamite shot of throw caution to the wind, double entendre laden numbers commencing with Ride Your Rocket (a perfect number to belt out in Rocket City, USA) which was so vintage sounding, I thought it was a cover tune, but yet, the first of two wonderful Hardin originals culminating with a slice of 1950's-ish Julie London flavored sex kitten playfulness called A Boy And His Cat (or perhaps better known by Hardin faithful as, Pussy. Yep, it got the best reaction of the night).

In closing, if this amazingly gifted performer comes within a state or two of yours, you must take in her show without question. For unlike some high profile celebrity part time musical careers which serve more as vanity project than anything, Melora Hardin walks the walk, talks the talk, and delivers an earnestly sincere evening of songs you won't soon forget.

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Melora Hardin TCOP Interview-Part I

Melora Hardin TCOP Interview-Part II 




Milestones: Classic Albums Revisited

Posted: Sat, 4 Jun 2011 3:12:10 PDT

McCartney-Apple Records


Some 40 summers ago, one of the first albums I purchased with my allowance was the solo debut from my favorite ex-Beatle. In the midst of business and personal tensions with his old mates that eventually drove them apart, Paul McCartney opted to mostly chuck the familiar confines of the legendary Abbey Road studios he called home for the previous 8 years and record his first album entirely on his own.

Save for a few sessions there and at Morgan Studios, McCartney was produced almost exclusively on a four track (!) recorder he had hauled to his London home (those things were huge in size back in the day, kids). Playing everything from wine glasses to a toy xylophone along with his impeccable skills on both bass and guitar, Macca (along with beloved wife Linda McCartney on harmonies) created a simple yet charmingly effective set of songs that ranged from genteel (Every NightJunk) to rockin' (Ooh You, and the classic Maybe I'm Amazed, recently revived by American Idol Season 10 favorite James Durbin).

Roundly dismissed by critics at the time of its 1970 release, McCartney has gone past cult status to bonafide classic, especially after Oscar winning director Cameron Crowe featured two of its cuts on the soundtrack to Jerry Maguire (Momma Miss AmericaSingalong Junk). But what makes this album still a keeper for me, is the variety of styles it incorporates, a trademark that made The Beatles the legendary band they were, and McCartney was a driving force in that aspect; they never made same record twice, and that same philosophy permeates his first as a solo act.

From country inspired pop (Man We Was Lonely, covered by McCartney hero Johnny Cash) to folk (Teddy Boy, an undeserved reject from the Let It Be sessons) to experimental (the African flavored Kreen-Akore) and surrounded by the aforementioned tunes previous, McCartney is the sonic equivalent of comfort food for all tastes....and unlike a tub of birthday cake flavored ice cream, it's not bad for you.

Devotees already know its charms, but for the uninitiated, McCartney is a hidden gem just waiting to be rediscovered by a new generation. Despite the polish of later classic McCartney albums like Band On The Run, its heart more than lives up to the standards of “an act you've known for all these years".

McCartney re-appears as a special two CD reissue this Tuesday, June 7th from Concord Music/Hear Records:



TCOP Book Shelf

Posted: Fri, 3 Jun 2011 21:38:52 PDT

The Best Thing About My *** Is That It's Behind Me

-by Lisa Ann Walter; 256 pages; published by HarperOne


Although it's being promoted at female demographic groups having body issues, romantic hardships or both, stand-up comic/movie actress Lisa Ann Walter's literary debut is a book that men should embrace, too.

A breezy 250 page plus read that benefits from tight pacing, The Best Thing About My *** Is That It's Behind Me is equal turns self depreciating, warm, witty and laced with biting candor. Going from a overweight bullied teenager who used humor to win detractors over to a seemingly confident female comic wunderkind on stage, one might think such a transformation led to an unseen angelic chorus with orchestral accompaniment with the words The End/Made In Hollywood, USA superimposed on the TV screens in our minds; she lived happily ever after, and all that generic Lifetime Movie Network crap.

If only reality turned out to be so Walter's case, fame and fortune didn't simplify or solve her problems. Thus an already obsessive problem with her body image took hold for over a quarter of a century...and oh, did I mention the two divorces that occurred during this period? (one owing to her second husband's infidelity/mental cruelty and her first marriage partner coming out of the closet).

Fortunately, Best Thing isn't always so maudlin...In addition to many a pep talk, theories and commentary on matters ranging from obsession with body perfection to thoughts on many a diet trend test driven with failure, Walter's energetic, alternately earthy and curt tone will keep readers entranced. One minute you'll be laughing, the next you'll sympathize with her plight, and at times, you may find yourself completely at odds with her opinions. Yet, I admire Walters for pulling no punches and being completely honest with her audience rather than play patronizing or making nice just for the sake of book sales.

All this and cameos from the likes of Dennis Quaid, Jennifer Aniston, the late great Robert Urich, Tom “Here I Come To Save The Day (!)” Cruise and Richard Gere...Plus an exclusive Walter family recipe for meat sauce and meatballs that will supposedly make you so full at only a half a serving, you'll play the home game version of doggie bag. In these tough economic times, any kind of leftovers rule!

Know of someone who thinks their butt's too big, or a young 'un contemplating asking Mummy and Daddy for plastic surgery gift cards, or in danger of becoming a plastic surgery addict? Lisa Ann's “**”stastic book may not have all the answers, but it offers more than a heapin' helping of emotional and funny salve that will not only give you the impetus to be happy, but also feeling beyond blessed with what the good Lord's given you.

In other words, strut what you've got because “you're too hot to trot, now bay-beh”...Geez, giving away clues to my age with such pop culture factoidage.

-Jeffrey Rosado

Actor's Spotlight-Melora Hardin

Posted: Wed, 1 Jun 2011 13:48:29 PDT

More With Melora Hardin

Part 2 Of 2

Our conversation with Melora Hardin concludes with tales from the set of her directorial debut (You), what audiences can expect to see from her music act, and how she lost out on being a part of one of the biggest film franchises in movie history (but recovered nicely, thank you very much).

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Actor's Spotlight-Melora Hardin

Posted: Tue, 31 May 2011 16:52:57 PDT

Jan (from The Office) Speaks..and Sings!


Part 1 Of 2

Most fans know her from both The Office and Monk (playing Tony Shalhoub's beloved wife Trudy in flashbacks). But TCOP trivia maven/host Jeffrey Rosado recalls first being smitten by Melora Hardin on the short lived TV version of the Patrick Swayze/Jennifer Grey movie classic Dirty Dancing.

In Part One of a delightful two part chat with the multi-talented San Francisco reared performer, she takes us back to her roots as a childhood actress, singing influences ranging from Barbara Streisand to Judy Garland (brace yourself for an all too brief homage to the latter), on-set experiences with the likes of Clint Eastwood and Michael Landon, and gives us a bit of a scoop on her new forthcoming series on TBS (The Wedding Band).

Remember, if you dig what you're reading/hearing, subscribe to the website via RSS, follow me us on both Twitter and Facebook, and sub to the podcast on I-Tunes. You'll find clickable icons to all these destinations above the Amazon box at the top of the page...





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Filmmaker Spotlight

Posted: Mon, 30 May 2011 8:36:08 PDT

Filmmaker/Singer-Songwriter Seth Swirsky

There are interviews that are enjoyable...and then there are interviews that touch your heart and soul....and for me, the latter category holds true for the conversation you're about to hear.

Like myself, singer-songwriter Seth Swirsky has been a lifelong Beatles fan...and in his 40's, he decided to put that devotion to work and make a film that not only gathered together a stellar group of pop culture laden individuals (Beach Boy Brian Wilson, Oscar Winner Ben Kingsley, CSNY's Graham Nash, Motown Legend Smokey Robinson, and many, many more) to tell their share their stories of meeting John, Paul, George, and Ringo, but also serve as a cinematic testament to their greatness.

Beatles Stories is the end result of six years of work that has already received rave reviews from film festival audiences and kudos from Oscar Winning director Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous, Jerry Maguire) who calls it “a timeless masterwork”.

I truly hope you enjoy this interview, particularly the sequences where Seth talks of meeting one of his music idols in a most unusual setting, while I recall a spontaneous, unforgettable run-in with rock royalty who served as one of The Beatles' biggest influences...and I thank them for providing me with a moment I've never forgotten.

Finally: Subscribe to the website via RSS, follow me us on both Twitter and Facebook, and sub to the podcast on I-Tunes. You'll find clickable icons to all these destinations above the Amazon box at the top of the page...and I guarantee what flavor of pop culture you dig, “a splendid time is guaranteed for all”.




Seth Swirsky's Website

Beatles Stories-Official Website

The Red Button (Seth's Band)




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TCOP's Bachelorette Brunch Podcast

Posted: Sun, 29 May 2011 10:05:02 PDT

Episode 1: Ashley Meets The Men..


Okay, it takes a big man to admit he was wrong. Although I'm only 5'4, I'm gonna do it anyway.

Though not a threat to take the place of Jillian Harris in my heart as my all time fave in the spotlight of this show, Ashley Herbert far exceeded my expectations on the season premiere of The Bachelorette this past Monday night, as you'll hear on the debut edition of our TCOP's Bachelorette Brunch podcast.

Riding shotgun with me throughout the summer fun is my good buddy Dana Weiss ( with her alternately witty/keen analysis and beyond knowledgeable fashion commentary.

Will Lady Herbert eventually see through Bad News Bentley (hisssss)? Can a construction worker nicknamed Cupcake (aka J.P.) be taken seriously? And has Tipsy Tim woken up yet? Stay tuned for answers to these questions and more by subbing to the website via RSS, following us on both Twitter and Facebook, and subbing to the podcast on I-Tunes.

...and remember as one of our Bachelors on Monday night said, “If you can't handle the heat, get out of the oven” (insert generic wack-wack-wah sitcom music here).





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